10K Zaragoza Firefighters

The cultural and sports association Firefighters of Zaragoza have chosen the Dalmatian as the image for their next solidarity race 10K Firefighters of Zaragoza.

To face the unknown, to feel different fear, ignorance or even oneself. None of that is possible without COURAGE. For that reason, this year’s image is a symbol of firefighters all over the world: the Dalmatian. A brave animal that accompanied them in the fight against fire. He reminds us of what it takes to overcome our challenges: it TAKES COURAGE.


Do you know the origin of the special relationship between Firefighters and Dalmatians?

In the old days, firefighters used to go in horse-drawn carriages. When the alarms sounded, the Dalmatians barked at the exit of the carriages. The dogs ran beside them, because they were dogs that ran great distances and gave comfort to the horses. The latter are very fearful animals and they do not like fire. From time to time the Dalmatians entered the scene and others they remained as guardians of the horses and the belongings of the cart.

Carrera de bomberos Zaragoza Cartel de Dálmata por Santos Román

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