What are those moments that make our relationship with pets so special? A caress, a smile, a subtle gesture that connects people with their faithful companions.

All my images speak about a common theme: the love between people and their best friends. Today pets are part of our family. We share a large part of our time with them, enjoying, playing, always making plans with them in mind.

Thanks to more than 12 years knowing these friendship stories first hand, I have managed to develop the ability to glimpse that magical moment that makes these relationships unique. My goal is to capture those very special relationships that occur between animal and caregiver and that people feel reflected in the images.


What is our dog trying to tell us when he turns his head? Our cat when he brings his face to ours? Is our pet happy or does its body position indicate that it is not in the mood today?

Thanks to the knowledge of the body and facial expressions of dogs and cats, in my images I always seek to capture moments of love and positivity. All this knowledge that is transmitted visually in photography will help us to represent that narrative of affection and care.


In the treatment of light, I always look for maximum naturalness. Clear, clean photographs, with an atmosphere that surrounds the spontaneity of the actions between person and pet.

In the specific case of pets, I study the types of fur and their colors in order to use the light that best suits them, thus enhancing the natural beauty of the animal.

The purpose is to recreate the bond of care that we have with our best friends, without artifice, the natural relationship of affection that is generated between person and pet.

We will recreate all this through a natural light treatment that evokes that feeling of being cared for and accompanied.


I always focus on the expression of the animal. Experience tells me that people who love animals focus their attention on the pet. The expressions of dogs and cats captured in photographs make them smile, evoke emotions and always identify them with their own pets.

I play with closed planes and without many elements that distract from the true protagonist. The combination of both aspects makes them intimate and close to the viewer images.

Libra Affinity Cat
Zoetis Respet

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