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Pet specialized photography studio

Pet based advertising campaigns

Our Work

We make complete productions for advertising agencies, packaging, web and branding.

Our specialized photography studio has serviced some of the most recognizable brands in the pet industry. We have gained the trust of companies raging from food suppliers to veterinaries and editorials to fulfil all their animal centric photography needs

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Photographic studio

Photographic studio of 125 m2 ready for all kind of animals. Situated at the heart of the villa olímpica of Barcelona

Pet Casting

We will find the perfect animal to fit your needs. Tell us what you have in mind, and we will take care of the rest.

Animal trainer

We work previously with the animal. To make sure everything turns out perfect at the shooting.

Digital retouching

We are experts in treating the complex silhouettes that animal fur produces, shadows and light post effects, color correction, contrasting and focus

Pet groomer

A pet groomer will be present throughout the shooting to give those "final touches" that make the difference

Makeup & hair

To service productions that include human models

Stylist and clothes rentals

We will help you develop the concept for your campaign giving you clothing ideas. We will provide clothes, complements and accessories.

Catering service

Coffee breaks and snacks to optimize production on shooting days

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Professional pet photographer

Unique images to fit your needs


They have already trusted in our experience has a photographic studio specialized in pets

We are a photographic studio specialized in projects with pets & animals.  This allows us to aid our clients in the crafting of unique images that gives a special flair to their commercial projects.

These companies have already trusted our work.

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